1900...and I've finally powered up my laptop.

After a week, I decided to boot her up (mainly because my brother is hogging the super-souped-up desktop) and get some "work" done.

"Work...pffft...more like 'photoshopping photos and photobucketing'..."

Went to AbuDhabi yesterday to visit the newborn niece...and I must say...she looks EXACTLY like her elder sister...albeit more purplish and lizard-like...and gooey..and icky...and *vomits*...that thing literally SWAM out of my cousin...

*flashback... Sunway Lagoon's water slide*

Jaysus Christ...my overly-descriptive imagination has leapt across the morality boundary my friends lay down before graduation...do i REALLY owe you guys a crate of beer each? XD

While I was there....decided to take the Porsche out for a spin (Carrera 4S).


Touched 240km/h before I decided to tone it back a little...consequently prolonging my life for a few more years! The kick...the G-forces shoving you into your seat...the lovely ROAR of the turbocharged engine...the whirr of the intercooler as it cools down the cylinders upon shutdown....I've truly been deprived whilst in Malaysia...

Enjoy the pix :D




Then...ANOTHER surprise. Arul "loaned" the PS3 to me throughout the duration of my stay in Dubai...so needless to say...I've been owning on "Ghost Recon 2" and "GranTourismo 5" the entire day! Dad asked me if I wanted one....he's actually asked me this a few times....but I'd rather not have one. Id be playing it 24/7...completely oblivious to my responsibilities...so I guess it was high-time I made an "adult" decision and decide against it.

Though...with all that said....id sell my own kidney to have one. LOL

Will update more tomorrow after I return from a pre-birthday escapade with her....


Jan 22, 2009

just like a Circus....

0801...its 11 degrees celcius. 11 FUCKING DEGREES :O

Soo...what's been going on over the past few days...still kinda groggy so I'm gonna try a version of "speed blogging"...which is simply a cover-line for "i actually cant be bothered to blog today, but I thought i should..."

-> Went out grocery shopping with the mother yesterday, and i must say, Cold Storage looks like some shanty-town pasaraya compared to those serving equal customer bases here. Managed to purchase some lovely Gouda slices, got some Salmon, fresh herbs, lovely lamb and beef for the barbecue tomorrow...and...wait for it....wait for it....caviar. 2 week old North Caspian beads of heaven with some bellinis...ohh tonight's cocktail shindig is gonna be the bomb!

-> I went for my medical checkup...and was promptly labelled "fit as a stallion". wait wait..let me bold that...and make it larger...and a different colour perhaps...ok all done! Blood Pressure is spot on, the blood test was unnerving though as I've always had a consanguinity towards needles and other BDSM-like paraphernelia...(no, i wasn't raped or molested...but high-school was pretty...DIFFERENT XD).

 I saw a live 3D image of my heart...pumping at 120/70...which was truly spectacular. Even though I'm lined up for a prosperous foray into the corporate world (largely due to Emirates), I'll always be highly curious about the medical field and its ins and outs. 

"Watch HOUSE summore la...thats what happens...bodoh"

-> Today...pretty relaxed day. Gonna head out to Spinneys for a while to pick up some bread, and maybe raid their deli counter. Oh the joys of Lamb Pie, Beef Stroganoff, Roast Chickens...and the trademark Pieman's Steak&Kidney Turnover...oh lovely! Im still really surprised that ive managed to mantain my weight...plus minus a few pounds on either side...even though I've been...wait for it... I N H A L I N G food on a daily basis. 

I took some pictures with my sisters cam...but sadly...they're crap. I mean, the camera's crap. Cheapo la sometimes. So today, its time to go off shopping for a new Nikon or something...a slim one which Dad can use when he's travelling as well.


0750...Ladies and Gentlemen...im back home.

The past weeks have seen me living the lifestyle of a "monk"...holed up in some room surrounded by "academic SCRIPTURE".

Exams are all done...I have a feeling I did pretty well (syok sendiri!)

Anyways anyways...aside from that... IM BACK IN FRICKING DXB!

Flight was rather eventful...nothing too serious la. Snuggled in my J class seat, 2 windows through which I had a fantastic view of the Dubai skyline on approach...a lovely in-flight breakfast (i took triple servings of croissants...in this case...i love carbs :D)

Terminal 3, btw, is a marvel of architecture. It is truly superb. As gargantuan as it may be...its enormous ceilings and wide open spaces reminded me of the home i would soon be gracing after clearing immigration.

The sight of the BMW brought back ALOT of memories...as it was the first "luxury" car we ever purchased, and also the first time I ever illegally drove a car haha. I paid the cabbie...walked up through the steel gates...and it finally hit me. I sat down on the steps...and let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Mr. Khan....you're back home :) "

6 steps later, Im through the front door...and the warm, crisp, artificially-heated air brought back even MORE memories of my school days, waiting for the bus...trying to guess just HOW cold the freezing outside temperature would be...

The 15-foot ceilings surrounded me...comfy couches...and the PC (which im blogging from)...ahhh words cant describe just how good it feels to be back after 7 long months.

So essentially...i spent the entire day adjusting to the biting winter temperatures (currently 11Celcius). Clad in my FOX jacket, thick socks, and my sunglasses...i ventured out to Carrefour with the family in the evening to purchase some necessities and check out the sales! (Dubai Shopping Festival has just rolled in....and that means...a NEGATIVE balance in my maybank account :\) After getting groceries and surveying the prices, we headed back and I just crashed.

I used to be an extremely frequent flyer...doing 7 hour sectors every 3-4 months (to KL), along with little trips in between (to Jordan...Yemen etc)...so I guess my 7 month period of ABSTINENCE has affected my 'travelling clock'.

"eh eh eh...stop showing off la pariah"

Anyways...its 0811 now...and dad's not working today. Gonna head out to Dubai Festival City in a while to check out some MORE sports products on discount...and perhaps even treat myself to some Krispy Kreme doughnuts :D

I'll post some pix of my trip so far tomorrow or so.


2226...Pretty eventful Sunday i must say...

Woke up around 11am, momentarily wishing Abah would run in shout at me for lazing around on my ass, but alas...i was soon smacked back to the sad, lonely reality of my life by the wailing for the 'paper lama' man doing his rounds...

Woke up..had my nutribar...and RANDOMLY decided to go out for a jog seeing as the weather was pretty conducive...dark clouds swirling around teasing me with the prospect of a downpour.

Well, i didnt care. It was time I tested out my tar-free lungs (so fast ah?) and see how many rounds of the 'padang' i could do without stopping. I made it to 3 before starting to heavily pant, so instead of pushing myself that little bit more, i just slowed down to a brisk walk...and did a few pushups...situps...chinups...all the 'ups' really... except an erection...

"...come on la wei...your BLOG oso you gotta pollute with this shit ah..."

Then, I got changed and headed over to my uncle's place...lo and behold it was his birthday and i completely forgot! What a bastard nephew I am. So to make up for it, I rushed out to 'The Golf House' in Subang Parade and picked up a nice Ashworth bag (his favourite brand btw...)

*naik saham*

Ahaha...when I gave him the present, he almost wept! He was overwhelmed with emotions to an extent I have never seen him achieve before...bear in mind...that the MEN in the paki-side of the family are somewhat programmed not to exhibit any form of extreme emotions. (however, my dad doesnt play into this web...must've been the Ireland stint..cheers Abah!) So...at least I made a 58 year old man happy today...makes me smile :)

Sigh..gotta start the pre-exam cramming tmrw since admittedly, I havent really been doing my fair share of studying this holiday. It BETTER not come bite me in the ass...I'm sure it's gonna be ok..

"dont worry la...you're gonna do fine babe :) "

Dota...incessant texting....maybe watch some telly....then its bedtime.


P.S: "Come on get higher" by Matt Nathanson...fabuloso!

Jan 3, 2009

that 'mendung' day...

2127...what a BORING day.

Honestly...you have NO idea how bored I've been the entire day. Even my workout felt half-hearted, compounded by the odd yawns while lifting 30kilos of solid steel.

"had to mention the weights la...syok sendiri like fuck la you imran..."

I guess there will be more to blog about once Uni starts again next week (albeit for exams :|)...and thus I can whine and bitch about how much harder I should have studied before the exams on the blog...

So...home alone again this weekend with Mak Poh going off to Ida's house for a slumber partay of sorts. Nobody really wants to go out tonight, so I guess i'll be plonked on the couch, channel-surfing and eating my lovely, grilled teriyaki chicken slices :)

Ooooh c'est magnifique!

1917...and I RECENTLY emerged from what can only be described as a "MAMMOTH POST-WORKOUT SLUMBER"

3 fricking hours...who the hell does that?

Anyways...I think I'm overtraining. I'm still following the usual schedule of hitting the gym for an hour every other day for my RPM's, but I think its the bouts of cardio that I try to slot in on the recovery days that's beginning to thrash my system.

"Imran..you FUCKtard...its called a 'Recovery Day' for a reason la..".

Here's a summary of what I'm feeling at this exact moment..

Head = nothing (pfft...as usual)
Arms = some pronounced strain on the right bicep, and left rotator cuff feels funkeh
Abs = the general strain on the upper 2
Ass = (same as above)

Essentially, I'm being stubborn and I've even written "NO PAIN, NO (muscle) GAIN" on my whiteboard so I don't start questioning my habitual gym-related activities and their sore after-effects on my body.

*cue Touch My Body by Mariah Carey*

"Imran, you're so gay la"

Yea....so I'm gonna go watch The Godfather now...all the way through. Part 1, then Part 2, then Part 3...then sit outside and smoke a nice Cuban to round it off.

Or...I could read my management lecture notes which I've conveniently stacked up in order of delivery...consequently ridding myself of this revolting, mind-numbing sense of guilt that's been haunting for the past few days...


Don Corleone just won hands-down

First of all, Happy New Year!

I started this blog about 2 years ago...but my drive to blog evaporated soon after its culmination. I guess I COULD use the usual excuses...

"I just don't have the time"

"Ugh...i don't know what to write"

"blogging? are YOU gay?"

But no...ill be honest and simply say that I found it rather pathetic at the time. The lifestyle I was leading 'back in the day' sort of restricted any form of emotional expressionism, thus those of us who TRIED blogging kept it under wraps by virtue of blood-oaths!

But, things slowly changed...I slowly changed...and right now, I think its time for me to usher in the new year, with the RE-EMERGENCE of my haven. A place where I can freely speak about anything, about anybody, whatever strikes me as 'BLOG-WORTHY' shall be typed up in vibrant colors and posted without let or hindrance...


So...in essence...in this blog...EVERYTHING GOES.

Alrighty then, time to hit the gym for a good hour or so... and pass out in my living room.

A truly fantastic start to 2009 :)